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Berry Happy Rooster Farm

Berry Happy Rooster Farm

Nestled in a swath of God's country is a patch of blueberries neatly planted 22 years ago.  They have been untouched by chemical sprays or fertilizers because they grow in a natural boggy area created by falling leaves season after season.  The sturdy trees surrounding a mix of six varieties shelter the berries from many a late frost, especially this year.  The sounds of silence and nature at 6 a.m. create a contemplative environment in which to labor - rain or shine - to pick the scrumptious berries just for you.

But we don't just PICK the berries, we spend just as much time hand sorting them.  It is a labor of love because we care about the quality of our berries.  We're not high tech and only accept cash or checks.  We sell our premium berries by the pint or half flat (6 pints).

Quantities are limited as we have a small farm but will not be going to 4 farmer's markets this year to have more time  to sell more directly to you.  No wholesale prices available.  Likewise, no u-pick.


  • How can consumers purchase your products?

    Bridgewater Food Store, Lexington Farmer's Market, Mt. Solon farm

  • List of produce/products available:

    Blueberries. Unique Artisan jams. Granola. This is a small family farm with limited quantities of other items. Check our Facebook page for updates.

  • My business is

    Open for customers in store.

  • Contact Name

    Mary Ann Noël

  • Business Hours

    Monday through Friday 2-6 p.m.

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    Not Applicable


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